Pooja Details
We do below Poojas everyday for intrested bhakt gans. You can fix your pooja time and date by calling any of below phone numbers:
Mobile    : 9822344075
Pooja need to be booked atleast one week in advance and for every pooja you need to provide us:
  • Full Name of the person
  • Birth Name of the person
  • Gotra of the person
  • Detail Address of the person
S.No. Pooja Type
1 Abhishekh
2 Laghu Rudra
3 Nitya Seva
4 Vastra Alankar pooja
5 Anna Daan
6 Varshik Seva (Prati poornima, prati guruvar)
Once the pooja is completed by your name, we will send the prasad at the address provided by you at the time of registration.
Puja will be done by Shri Dhananjay Nandkumar Pujari (5th pidhi of Chollappa Maharaj)
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